Credit Unions vs. Banks

Credit Unions vs. BanksAny adult with ADD who has a choice between using a traditional bank and using a credit union, should choose a credit union. A credit union offers the same services as a bank, but with several major differences.

1. Anyone who joins a credit union is considered a member not a customer, this means that you have a share of ownership in the credit union.

2. Since you have a share of ownership, you will be able to vote for the board of directors that control the credit union. If you have an issue you can communicate your problem directly to the people who you voted for.

3. Credit Unions are not for profit organizations, all profits are distributed back to members in the form of higher savings rates or lower loan rates.

4. By federal and state laws credit unions can only operate within local areas and/or for a particular employer. This means all products ans services are bettered designed to meet your particular needs.

What I like most about Credit Unions is that because they are member owned and not for profit their services are not designed to trick or confuse you. A Credit Union’s ultimate goal is to make its members happy with the products and services that it offers. The employees will take the extra time to explain and educate their products to you. This is especially helpful for people who hate to deal with finances.

If you would like to join a credit union in the United States please visit site.

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