The Idea for having the Geo4Africa summit first appeared after ILICIT Africa was invited to attend the Geo for Good User summit in San Francisco, CA, USA in 2013 which aimed to enhance the adoption of Geo tools for organizations. Following various trainings, ILICIT Africa conducted a Geo Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop, Enhancing Data collection using Geo Tools, to mention a few, there was a need to expound the capacity of organizations within the Africa Region in Geographic Information Systems.


ILICIT Africa having identified challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation amongst organizations in Uganda conducted a hands training in Geo Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation that held in partnership with the National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U) and Ministry of ICT. With a comprehensive followup there was a need to engage more organizations within Africa to extensively be engaged in the use of Geo Tools.


The Inaugural Geo4Afirca 2017 summit originates after an overwhelming demand for organisations, Individuals and various stakeholders having the urge to build the capacity of their staff to incorporate Geo tools in their day to day operations and visualization of data using innovative approaches.


Geo4Africa is an annual GIS gathering that brings together Geospatial experts, GIS peers and enthusiasts in Africa to one location to brainstorm, showcase the power of Geospatial Information Systems.